We provide high quality, high activity silica fume.We can export from China to any country.

We have several silicon metal plants in China that produce a large amount of silica fume every day. If you need to contact us, we can provide silica fume that meets ASTM standards or international standards.

We are a company specializing in collecting and exporting silica fume. We collect high-quality silica fume from many factories, pass professional laboratory tests, and then pack it in different categories and distribute it to every customer. We export up to 100,000 tons of silica fume to the Middle East, India, Europe and other countries every year. We will provide the best service and the best silica fume. Cooperation with us is your best choice.

Application of silica fume
  • The application in concrete can provide higher strength and durability and prolong the service life of concrete.
  • Silica fume is used in refractory,Greatly improved products strength and high-temperature performance.
  • Silica fume In shotcrete applications, there is less material waste and greater efficiency of product use.
  • silica fume for concrete
silica fume product
silica fume product

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